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A thousand bits a million parts, tiny pieces make your heart... I like you.

I heard you whistle the song we danced to, you remember the smallest details... I like you.

Our footprints rearranged the leaves, you pulled me tight and said "you see I like you". You wrote your name on my sleeve, so I can keep you always with me... I like you.

The creases in the corners of your moth, when they curl into a smile. That forms around you like a glant,
light and warms me from the inside.

We will grow up but not just yet, Stay here longer so we don't forget: I like you.

(Lena - I Like You)

greyson chance - little london girl <3

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Tom trollando o Jerry.

Tom trollando o Jerry.

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Rafinha Bastos faz homenagem à um dos maiores compositores da nossa geração. É comovente.

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thanks for the link re: sumer train :) asked by greysoncidarmy

Happy to have helped ^.^

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